Candle Dye | 32 Colors Wax Dye For Candle Making (0.2 oz Per Color) DIY Candle Color Dye For Soy Max



-Product description:

-LAMIORM Box Content 32 Jars of Wax Dyes for Candles.

-Comes with a Clip for Easy Access and Exquisite Packing Box with Color Card.

-Notice: The color of the dye chips is different from the finished product.

-It is recommended that you refer to the picture and measure the amount of dye to tint the color effect of the candle you want.

-Candle Dye: This candle dye for making soy candles contains 32 cans of high quality individual colored shards to provide a colorful candle making experience.

-Comes with tweezers for easy access and has an exquisite packing box with color card.

-Candle Dyes for Candle Making: The net weight of the candle color dye in each jar is 0.2 oz/32 colors.

-The ratio of channel dye to raw wax is 1/100. Increasing the ratio of the wax tint can increase the color saturation of the candle.

-Instructions for use:

-1. Heat wax to 65-75°C/150-170°F (easy to dissolve);

2. Add candle colors and stir to speed dissolution (2-3 minutes);

-3. After the wax dissolves completely, pour the wax liquid just inside the mold.

-Wide Applicability: DIY candle color dye is suitable for most waxes, including paraffin wax, beeswax and soy wax, etc. Suitable for beginners and professionals.

-Safe natural canle wax dye: DIY wax dyeing for candle making is safe and non-toxic, animal friendly, non-irritating and non-staining, soft and safe to skin, safety for your family

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