WIFUME LED Ceiling Lights Modern Ceiling Lamp 48W 24 Inch



WIFUME LED Ceiling Lights Modern Ceiling Lamp 48W 24 Inch

Material: Acrylic

Quantity: 1pcs

Item Color: As picture shown

Shape: Round

Input: AC 100-130V

Output Voltage: DC120-160V

Luminous Flux: 57LM/W

Beam Angle: 180 degrees

Size: 24" x 24" x 2"

Enough brightness:

-This ceiling light offers you brilliant light ,excellent color

-It turns onto full brightness immediately, provides you with brilliant light without the warm up time

Clean and bright light

-Our luminaires offer outstanding color rendering and high luminous efficiency for brilliant lighting.

Environmental protection

-We use non-toxic and harmless materials, lead-free or mercury-free, and free of UV and IR radiation.

Kitchen Lighting

-This light is greatly suitable for your kitchen, laundry, garage, office, basement, entryway and hallway, and many other places where you need a bright ceiling light


1. To ensure a safe and reliable installation, ensure that the electrical box in which the luminaire is installed is properly installed on the structural components of the building.

2. All wires are connected. When unpacking, be careful not to pull on the power cord, as this may result in poor connection.

3. Do not turn on the power until the luminaire is fully assembled.

Package Contents:

- ceiling light

- accessories

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