4 Pieces Graphite Torch ing Casting Kit | Ymiko Graphite Molds Set High Purity Graphite Crucible Combo



-CRUCIBLE ING METAL KIT CRUCIBLE KIT GOLD ING KIT-GRAPHITE TORCH FUSION CASTING KIT: Graphite crucibles have good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. In high temperature use, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, and it has a certain strain resistance to rapid heat and rapid cooling. It has strong corrosion resistance to acid-base solution and good chemical stability.
-CRUCIBLE ING METAL KIT GRAPHITE CRUCIBLE KIT CRUCIBLE ING METAL-4 IN 1 KIT: This 7 Piece Graphite Torch ing Casting Kit includes 1 Quartz ing Crucible, 1 Tongs, 1 Square Graphite, 1 Cylindrical Graphite. This will be a handy combo for your DIY needs for ing, casting or refining metals, jewelry, gold, silver and other materials. -YMIKO FUNDIR ORO -HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The gold ing crucible is made of high-purity, high-strength, high-density graphite material, and high- CNC processing technology. The graphite used is mainly the graphite material used to precious metals and is twice as durable as ordinary materials. -DIMENSIONS: Crucible Tongs 25cm/10in, Cylindrical Graphite Diameter 40mm/1.57in, Height 40mm/1.57in, Square Graphite 7.2 x 5.7 x 1.2cm/0.28 x 0.22 x 0.05in, Quartz ing Crucible Diameter 57mm/ 2.24", height 20mm/0.79". If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We strive to provide every customer with the highest standard of customer service to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience.

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