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Are you planning a bachelorette party and looking for a variety of games to liven up the party?

-Look no further, Kikevite has you covered. Our bachelorette party game pack is perfect for your girls' night out party.



-10 - Chain necklace shot glass beads.

-1 Bride to be shot cup in white with gold letters.

-Bridal squad 9 cup in pink and gold letters very resistant and will withstand the rigors of the last night of drinking like a lady.

-1 - 26 Inch Banana Toss Set.

-3 - Throwing ring of 7.5 in diameter.

-30 Drink If games – Made with high quality playing cards.

-DIMENSIONS: Each card measures 4.7 x 3.9 inches

-50 Challenge Cards.

-10 Copies of the wedding emoji pictionary set.

-10 Copies of games of more or less.

-10 Copies of wedding word scramble.

-10 :Copies of he said she said.

-1: Satin blindfold.

-12 lips kiss Sticker.

-This pack makes planning a fun and unforgettable experience with your squad. Health

FUNNY GAMES. This bachelorette party package also includes a banana toss game and poster game, for healthy and fun group competition.

-Kiss Sticker poster set. -Banana toss game with three toss rings. -DRINKING GLASSES. -Included in this pack are 10 necklace bead shot glasses, for your drink si games and challenge cards.

-1: Bride to be shot cup in white with gold lettering.

-9 Bride Squad Cup in pink and gold lettering.


-We have designed 7 card games that will keep you entertained throughout the night.

-Drink if Cards. -Challenge cards. -Wedding pun. -He Said She She Said Game. -Wedding Emoji Pictionary Game. -Game above or below. -Planning a memorable party for the bride can be stressful, but determining the games to entertain your squad doesn't have to be.


-10 PRINTS OF WEDDING EMOJI PICTIONARY Can you guess the phrase just by looking at the emojis? Your guests will love this game and they will have a lot of fun! perfect icebreaker

-10 COPIES OF BRIDAL WORD SCRAMBLE. Have your guests unscramble the wedding words to reveal wedding-related words, like "honeymoon" and "flower girl"; This fun shower game challenges guests to unscramble words from the game list; Answer sheet is included.

-10 COPIES OF LESS OR MORE GAMES. This fun bachelorette party quiz game will ask guests to guess if the numbers given in these statements are greater than, less than, or equal to the actual numbers.

-10 COPIES OF HE SAID SHE SAID. Get to know the bride and groom by guessing the answers to these simple but interesting questions.

-50 DARE LETTERS. Bachelorette Party Cards include 50 fun, wacky, and naughty challenges for the bride, her bridesmaids, and all the guests.

-If someone rejects a challenge, they must buy the bride a drink.

-BANANA TOSS GAME Who wants to hold the banana?

-Better yet, can you put a ring on it? Maybe the future bride.

-The game is fun, daring and a bit mischievous, if you choose to take it that way.

-26" banana and 3 rings.

-You can play ring toss over it by having one guest place the banana between their legs while others try to throw their ring over it.

-Play banana pass by having one guest hold it between their legs and then pass it to another guest without anyone using their hands.

-You can time each team and see who is the fastest.

-Ring toss games are always popular at bachelorette parties.

-NECKLACE WITH 10 SHOT BEADS 10 Bead Chain Necklace Shot Glass 1 Bridal Shot Glass in white with gold lettering.

-9 Bride Squad Cup in pink and gold lettering.

-Very durable and will withstand the rigors of the last night of drinking like a lady.

Need some extra cups? Click below for some extra mugs!

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