Adult Deluxe Candle Making Kit | Kit To Make Soy Candles With Glass Jars



Whether you're looking for a new hobby or thinking about starting a home candle business, our kit comes with everything you need to make custom hand-poured candles—no experience necessary!

-Kit makes three 8 oz candles; ~60 hours of burn time per candle.


We listen to our customers and are excited to announce that we have updated our kits to include The Wooden Wick Co.'s patented Crackling Booster wicks!

-These clean-burning, natural wood wicks are made from FSC-certified wood. -Each wick is handcrafted and made in the USA.

-We are now an authorized dealer of The Wooden Wick Co., the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the original wooden wick!

-LUXURY GLASS JAR. We love the beautiful glow of the flame through the glass, something you just can't get with candle tins!

No cans means no burnt rings on tables either!

-OILS WITH PREMIUM FRAGRANCES. We know that scent is important, which is why our kit includes premium fragrance oils blended by an international fragrance house based in the UK.

-CHOICE OF HIGHLIGHTS. Choose from classic cotton wicks or The Wooden Wick Co.'s patented crackling wooden wicks!

-100% NATURAL I AM WAX. Soy wax provides cleaner burning, less soot and a longer burn time than traditional waxes.

-Wax is pre-measured and individually packaged for each 8 oz candle.

-HIGH QUALITY METALLIC SUPPLIES. Made to last and can be reused for years to come.

No single-use popsicle sticks or flimsy stir sticks in this premium kit!

-STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. Easy-to-follow instructions, as well as our helpful troubleshooting tips and tricks, will ensure a professional result!

-MECHANICAL THERMOMETER. No need to worry about glass thermometers breaking or digital ones arriving without batteries!


-Proper candle care helps your candles burn cleaner and last longer.

-We want you to get the most out of each candle, that's why our premium kit includes:

-Candle Wick Trimmer: A wick that is too long will cause excess smoke, soot, and may over-burn, which can affect the fragrance and burn out the candle faster.

-Use this tool to easily trim and collect the remains of burnt wicks from the jar.

-Wicking Dipper: Use the angled tip to dip cotton wicks into the pool of melted wax.

-Wick scoops can extinguish a flame without producing smoke and are ideal for container candles.

-Candle Snuffers: Place the snuffer over the flame to put out candles (especially candles and pillars) without blowing hot wax everywhere.

-Velvet Case: Safely store your candle accessories in this premium velvet storage case.

-A UNIQUE AND DETAILED GIFT GIVE SOMEONE A FUN NEW SKILL. Giving someone this complete starter kit will help them begin their candle making journey and teach them a fun new skill to last a lifetime!

-GIVE YOUR ARTISAN CANDLES. Hand poured candles make a thoughtful gift because they are made with LOVE!

Use the included gift tags to gift your creations individually or as a set of 3!

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