ALEXES Soap Making Kit | Make Your Own Soap Kit | DIY Soap Making Supplies Kit for Adults | 1.1 Lb Glycerin Soap Base



-The kit includes:
Mica powder: 5 colors (cherry, dry pearl green, golden yellow, dry pearl blue, silver) 0.1 oz each;

-Fragrance oil: 3 aromas (lavender, strawberry, melon) in vials of 0.17 fl.oz each;

-Glycerin soap base: 500 g (1.1 lb)

-Measuring cup.

-Silicone mould: 1pc (with 12 cavities).

-Plastic mold: 2 pcs

-Spray bottle (isopropyl alcohol not included): 1 pc.

-Wooden sticks for mixing: 6 pcs.

-Self-adhesive plastic bag: 2 pcs.

-Plastic bag without flap: 5 units.

- Satin ribbon: 6.6 feet, raffia: 13 feet, jute rope: 3.3 feet.

-Gift tags: 5 pcs.

- Wood filler: 10g

-Cardboard box: 2 units.

-User's guide.

-STEP 1: Color. Melt soap base, add mica powder and fragrance oil.

-Stir until components are completely mixed.

-Don't let your soap base get cold as it starts to harden quite quickly.

-Get to the pouring process as soon as possible.

-STEP 2: Pouring. Spray the molds with a little isopropyl alcohol.

-Pour the colored and scented soap base into the moulds.

-Spray the surface of the soap with a little alcohol to remove bubbles.

-STEP 3: Liberation. Let your soap sit in the mold until it solidifies.

-This won't take long.

-Remove the soap bars from the mold.

Your soap is ready to use!

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