Balloon Arch Kit & Balloon Pump | Fifame 9ft Tall and 10ft Wide Adjustable Balloon Arch Stand With Water Bases



-Fifame balloon arch kit gives you a perfect party.

-Fifame balloon arch kit specializes in various items for wedding, prom, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other party supplies.

We work hard for your experience and provide you with a pleasant shopping experience!

-This balloon arch stand set is simple to assemble and easy to use, you can use it repeatedly on different occasions.

-Use 150-200 pieces of 10-12 inch balloons to make arches.

-Balloons are not included.

How to install the balloon arch kit?
Step 1: Insert the PVC pipe into the base.

-Step 2: Fill the water bag with water, then put the water bag on the base.

-Step 3: Inflate the balloons with the electric/manual pump, then tie the balloon with the knotter.

-Step 4: Attach balloons to the balloon clip, then put it on the bent fiberglass poles.

-Step 5: Insert the fiberglass balloon pole into the PVC tube on the base.

-Step 6: A beautiful balloon arch is completed.

-PACKAGE INCLUDED. Balloons are not included. This perfect balloon arch kit helps you finish it just in 2-3 minutes.

-H&W ADJUSTABLE. The height and width of the arch can be adjusted at will by adjusting the distance between the bases.

HOW TO USE THE BALLOON CLIP? Use 150-200 pieces of 10-12 inch balloons to make arches.

HOW TO USE THE KNOTTER? With two knotters help you to tie the balloon more easily.

-Super stable base. Well-designed mesh base and SUPER BIG water bag with stable PVC tube, which will not shake abruptly due to wind or object collision.

-Useful electric pump. SECONDS, hundreds of balloons will be inflated in minutes, very FAST and EASY but with a constant inflation rate to prevent balloons from bursting.

- Much better than manual hand pump and mouth.

-Two forms of inflation. You can choose the electric pump to inflate; And your friends use hand pumps that work with you.

-Durable fiberglass poles. The balloon pole is a folded integral accessory, with a single 17-inch length of high-strength black fiberglass pole, the bending is not easy to break, so you can reuse it anywhere you want.

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