BRAVESHINE 18 Sets Of Adhesive Velcro Straps | Instead Of Nails Or Screws | White Double-Sided Adhesive Fabric Closure



-Waterproof cloth material and strong adhesive glue, works well both indoors and outdoors.

-The adhesive tape is made of waterproof cloth and glue on the back.

-Very easy to use for home, office, school and workshop organization or art, craft and other craft applications.

-Industrial strength ring and loop fastener can be cut to any shape to attach to any area or structure where it can be used, such as bedroom, furniture, walls, doors, cars, classrooms, hallways, decks, etc.

-BRAVESHINE - Double Sided Adhesive Tape

-A: Made of quality cloth material, they are strong and durable, perfect for sewing and crafts.

-B: They are reusable and practical, washable and removable, ideal for long-term daily use.

-C: Double hook and loop design makes them easy to wear.

-D: Strong stickiness helps to stick items firmly, if the velcro sticks hard, it can bear up to 6lbs.

-E: All industrial strength mounting fasteners.

-Ideal for hanging educational items, banners, charts, signs, picture frames, small tools, remote control and much more.

-F: Suitable size and popular color, suitable for shoes, clothing, cushions, carpets, mats, carpets, decoration, bags, tents and sleeping bags.

-BRAVESHINE adhesive tape Black mounting tape This back adhesive tape is stronger and more durable; Suitable for clothing, shoes, decoration, bags, tents, sleeping bags, the velcro tape can also store and organize your computer cables, cables, etc.

-Keep your desk, home or office tidy. Also, these hook and loop strips can be used outdoors, for solar wall lights, step lights, and outdoor motion sensors. closet lights, rug trends, sofa cushions, doorbells, cable organization.

-The mounting tape can be easy to use and no need for nails, screws or glues, then firmly hold many things, hang photos, assemble tools, lift up toys.

-Don't even worry about drilling and destroying your wall.

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