Candle Making Kit | Easy To Make Colored Candle Soy Wax Kit | Which Includes Soy Wax | Wicks | Crucible | Cans And More



-Deluxe Candle Making Set: Carefully packaged set includes:

-1 electric stove, 1 large 900 ml candle pot, 4 150 g soy waxes, 6 5 ml essential oil buttons, 16 color blocks for candle dyes, 6 beautiful 4 oz candles. tins, 4 stainless steel wick centerers, 1 thermometer, 20 candle wick stickers, 20 6-inch candle wicks, 1 mixing spoon, 20 warning stickers, 20 wooden centerers, 6 gift tags , 1 u- Shaped scissors, 1 anti-scald pad and instructions.

- Richer and more convenient: Compared with the ordinary candle pack, this pack contains enough tools and is equipped with an electric stove.

-You can use your essential oil and candle fuel to make candles of various colors you like.

-The electric oven is 110V-500W.

-To avoid product damage, please do not connect other non-standard voltages.

-PREMIUM QUALITY: This set is completely natural soy wax, which burns evenly, cleanly and without black smoke.

16 brightly colored candle dye blocks can be quickly dyed, and 6 essential oils of lavender, lemon, jasmine, rose, peppermint and Ylang Ylang can meet the needs of different situations.

-Easy to do: Don't worry if you are a beginner. You can make great candles by following the instructions.

-You will be happy and feel like a DIY expert.

-Widely used: You can make beautiful candles with the family, which can not only improve parent-child communication, but also enhance happiness.

-Can be given to friends as a Christmas gift; You can also make candles with friends to convey the festive atmosphere and bring new fun.

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