Columbus Heel Protector -3 Pair (#COLHEEL)



Columbus Heel Protector -3 Pair (#COLHEEL)

The Columbus "heel protector" is the transparency film which protects a heel from a wound. Because it is a seal type, I put it simply! As it is transparent, I do not attract attention. The wound of the heel which is outstanding judging from the next guards it with a heel protector well! It is the slit processing that is easy to fit the form of what kind of heel. A guide can cut a slit processing line to height.
The entering for high-heeled shoes three pairs.
[the direction for uses]
You remove dirts of the heel well, and please put a heel protector from a lift part to the center of the heel. When you are longer than the height of the heel, please cut it with scissors in reference to a slit processing line.

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