Coobé | Wool Pressing Mat Set 17" x 24" Large Quilting and 10" x 10" Portable Size with Iron Holder



Ironing your fabric can be a bit difficult without the right ironing mat!

-But you know what, we've got you covered! Oh yes, with our uniquely designed felted wool ironing mat, you have an ironing mat that you can always rely on to deliver exactly what it promises.

-Our quilting ironing mat has been prepared to retain heat so that when you iron it feels like you are ironing the fabric on both sides.

-With a density of 1/2", our wool iron-on blanket provides a little more protection for any surface.

-This wool pad for ironing will not only keep the fabric stable while ironing, but also prevent it from squeezing.

-Our superior wool ironing mat gives you an extra soft and smooth surface that provides an extraordinary ironing experience.

- Furthermore, it is portable and can be carried around easily.

-It is made with 100% New Zealand wool, which has been praised as one of the best in the world.

-Set includes 2 sizes: 17" x 24" with 10" x 10" wool mats and ironing rest pad.

-Care instructions:

-Do not leave the iron on the wool mat for a long time.

-Iron setting: use WOOL or MEDIUM HEAT for best results.

-Use of steam: With prolonged use of steam during ironing, a small amount of moisture may pass through the mat, since wool is a porous material.

-Cleanup: Simply rinse it in the sink or tub and hang to dry. Note, do not machine wash.

-Drying: When wet, simply hang to dry.

-Avoid twisting or bending.
Storage: Avoid folding or rolling. Find a flat surface and place it there.

-Also avoid storing the mat when it is damp or wet.

-For people sensitive to wool fragrance: You may experience a slight wool smell at first, don't worry, it fades after several uses.

-Rest assured that the smell will not transfer to your fabric and will be gone soon after you finish ironing.

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