Craft It Up DIY Candle Making Kit | Makes Over 15 Candles | Beginner Set With Silicone Molds | Candle Wax Supplies



-You have the tools in your hand to create something extraordinary.

-The perfect activity for a rainy day, this candle making kit is the ultimate craft for endless fun.

-You can make 10 candles and use different scents and colors to make unique pieces every time.

-Everything you might need to complete the project is included in the box.

-You even get gift boxes and tags so you can give them as gifts.

-Think outside the box.

-We give you clear instructions, so this kit is perfect for anyone just starting their creative journey or even the youngest kids.

-You can put your own spin on your candle and add layers of different colored wax or grind some flowers or gems into the wax.

Let imagination be your guide!

-Watch carefully.

-Bring the family together for some quality creation time.

-Adults should always supervise and assist children in making these candles.

-You will need to heat the wax and color pigments and then pour them into the molds.

-Choose from our many molds and tins for distinctive pieces every time.

-Melt your wax, mold your art, enjoy your creation.

-Fun family activities.

-Enjoy making candles with your family with this DIY project.

-Keep your creations ready in your room or at home and show them to your friends.

-So many options.
Make up to 10 different sized candles with unique colors and scents.

-There are 4 rich fragrances and 5 vibrant colors to choose from.

-Everything is included. Ideal for beginners, we give you everything you need to make beautiful candles of all shapes and sizes.

-Moulds, wax, fragrance oils, color pigments, candle holders, wicks, popsicles, gift boxes and tags, and even a thermometer are provided.

-Give your senses with these pleasant aromas.

-Included in this box:

-A lot of candle wax as the main ingredient.

-4 unique metal candle holders to display the candles.

-2 Gift boxes and 5 gift tags so that others can also enjoy your creations.

-4 Fragrance oils and 5 color pigments to make them look and smell amazing.

-4 plastic molds and 2 silicone molds for various candle creations.

-1 Pot to remove the wax using a bain-marie method.

-12 wicks and 6 candle holders to keep the wicks in place.

-3 popsicle sticks for your mixing convenience.

-1 thermometer for the perfect temperature every time.

-Gift with love. Your loved ones will surely be delighted to receive this personalized gift.

-Use the gift boxes and tags and wrap them carefully.

-Safe materials. Soy wax is safe and clean.

They burn slower than other waxes, so you get a candle that lasts longer!

-Candles made from soy wax burn cleaner and this results in less soot.

-A romantic activity for two You've found the perfect activity for a date night.

-Have a glass of wine and sit down to enjoy doing this craft with your partner.

Challenge each other's artistic side and see who can make the prettiest candle!

-Our quality promise. Our products are unique in their creativity and safe in their design. We bring you quality items that ensure satisfaction

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