Electric Air Balloon Pump | inflator | Portable Double Nozzle Electric Balloon Blower



-This electric air balloon pump is easy to use when inflating the balloons by pressing and releasing the nozzle to release air into the balloons.

-If you stop pressing, the inflation will also stop.

-It is ideal for inflating ROUND or Olive balloons from small to large size.

-Please note that this product will only fill the balloons with air, not helium or hydrogen.

-It can save a lot of time if you are building a balloon arch or balloon column stand, making your slowdown project a doddle.

-Electric balloon pump to easily inflate balloons.

-This is a perfect set of complete balloon kits, everything you need for the party.

-Easy to use.
The balloon blower pump is very fast and it usually takes only a few seconds to fill a balloon.

-Press the shift button to 0 to start the manual mode.

- Try it several times and you will master it. It's really easy to use when you know the right way to use it.

-Two modes, automatic and semi-automatic Manual and automatic pumping modes.

- The decoration process is very fast with this balloon pump.

-Besides, it is small, easy to carry anywhere.

-Offered as a set of everything you need so you don't have to buy anything extra.

- Definitely a must have if you like to throw parties and like to decorate.

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