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-Height. 9.84"

-Energy. 4W

-Rotation speed. 30-36 turns/minute

Why choose the new blender?

-The factory focuses on the research of handicrafts, and after many experiments, it has produced a new mixer which is most suitable for mixing resins.

-Unlike other resin mixers on the market, the new resin mixer has a large capacity and stable rotating speed, which avoids the small bubbles generated when mixing the resin and keeps the resin stable and beautiful.

-Enriched usage scenarios. The new type of resin mixer is mainly used for stirring and mixing resin, and can also be used for stirring other liquids.

-Its advantages are stable rotating speed, less bubbles and large capacity.

-It is not only suitable for DIY handmade at home, but also can be used in production operations in shops and factories.

-Perfect for making festival souvenirs, whether it is parties, weddings, homecoming ceremonies, or Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Mother's Day, Easter, resin crafts are a unique and much-loved souvenir.

-Effortless DIY handmade wizard Unlike manual shakers on the market, shakers are very labor-saving.

-You only need to pour the required resin material into the silicone cup, it can work autonomously, without manual control, you can do other things during this time.

- And the resin that is stirred is more melted and perfect without generating many air bubbles.

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