Fikowo Balloon Arch Kit | 9ft Tall 10ft Wide Adjustable Balloon Arch Frame With Pass For Birthday



-Fikowo focuses on making party supplies and arch stands.

-Our bow is made of high quality fiberglass and PVC, super strong and durable.

-2 water bags can respectively reach 22lbs after being filled with water, ideal for outdoor use.

-Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, can be used repeatedly, just prepare the corresponding theme balloon.

-Come with balloon accessories that will help you quickly make balloons and build balloon arches.

-Perfect for background, garden, weddings, party decoration and commercial events, etc.

How to install the balloon arch?
-1. Insert the PVC pipe into the base.

-2.Fill the water bag with water and place it on the base.

-3. Fill the balloon with a pump and use a knotter to tie the balloon.

-4. Put the balloon on the balloon clip.

-5. Place the balloon clip with the balloon on the folded fiberglass pole.

-6. Insert the bent fiberglass balloon pole into the base.

-Super stable. Our balloon arch kit is made of 2 bases, 2 water bags, high quality fiberglass poles.

-With extra safety rope for the ground and nail holder for the ground. All this to keep the arc stable.

-Easy to install. Our balloon arch support kit is extremely easy to put together in just a few minutes. You can decorate the arch support with the balloon patterns you prefer.

- It is a very economical way to make a beautiful balloon arch for birthday, wedding, party, etc.

-Use your imagination. Just search for a balloon arch online or on YouTube, and there will be plenty of video instructions on how to make a unique balloon arch.

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