Full Range of Pattern Embroidery Starter Kit | Kissbuty Cross Stitch Kit Including Embroidery Fabric With Floral Pattern



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-Basic embroidery kit with floral motifs
Complete range of basic embroidery kit with all the tools you need to embroider.

-This beautiful flower hoop design embroidery is the perfect project for embroidery fans.

-It would be an eye-catching wall decoration for your home, it is also a meaningful gift for your friends and family.

-Packaging: 6.7 In imitation wood embroidery hoop. 4.7 In white cotton fabric embroidered with pattern by design, which can be washed after finishing. -Threads of different colors. embroidery needles 1pc instructions

-How to wear the hoop: Separate the inner and outer frame.

-Place the outer frame on the flat table (frame upside down)

- Cover the flat embroidered cloth on the outer frame. (Embroidery upside down)

- Lightly press the inner frame to the outer frame with embroidered fabric together. (inner frame upside down)

-Turn over the embroidered cloth to feel the tightness, it can be used for embroidery in a tight state.

-The finished DIY embroidery is really a meaningful and special gift for your family and friends.

-You can use it as a wall decoration, sew it with a blank canvas bag, or just hold it as photo props.

-You can create a beautiful and amazing embroidery work through our instructions or the tutorials on this page, which is a pleasant process.

Have fun!

-The flower hoop pattern is good for decoration, which makes your home more colorful.

-And the imitation wood embroidery hoop also looks more textured.

-Flower ring. -Imitation wood embroidery hoop 17cm. -White cotton embroidery cloth with pattern by design.

-Threads of different colors. -Embroidery needles.

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