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Size: Women's(4.5-6.5)


GAOAG Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Insole Sport Breathable Cushion Height Increase Insole Comfort Performance Insole (M, Men's(7-10) Women's(8-11.5)

Fit foot
The integrated design style has more excellent wear-resisting and anti-slip performance. The mesh material of the mesh material has good air permeability and fits the design of the foot shape, which can effectively respond according to the touch of the sole of the foot, and the comfortable foot feel is very Good protection of your feet in sports.

Soft & Breathable Material
The orthotic inserts include advanced fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps away odor from the feet, provide all-the-day comfort. Material of insoles for women and shoe inserts men is comfortable for feet to do sports.

Protect your feet.
The arch of the arch is supported by a rigid piece of the foot.Forefoot + heel shock absorption anti-skid module. Shoe insoles with foot support can support most size and the other code number can also allow you to cut. Trim for perfect to fit your feet . Just trim our shoe inserts along the cutting line to your size.

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