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-Light Green
-15oz Mugs Press Giraffe Mug Press Machine is perfect for 11-15 oz mugs full prints. This mug press sublimation machine makes it incredibly easy to create your own coffee mugs. Whether you have a hobby or a small business, this mug heat press 15oz will leave you satisfied with its creations. With our cup press, from now on, you won't have to spend a fortune on custom cups or buy any larger heat-presses machine. -Durable and Safety Note: If you think the buckle is difficult to open, please press the handle down and then open it, it will be easy. Our mug heat press is made of drop-resistant pig iron and is certified by FCC, which is more durable, stronger and safer than plastic. -Easy to Use ①Just need to cut the sublimation paper into the suitable size, stick it to mug by heat resistant tape. ②Put the mug into the mug press machine, then adjust the pressure knobs until the heater fits the mug completely. ③Set the corresponding time temperature easily( please follow the manual ). ④When the timer buzzed, rotate the adjustable pressure knob counterclockwise, take out the mug and tear off the paper, a vividly patterned mug will make your eyes shine. -Treasure Chest Mug Press The Giraffe Mug Press Machine looks like a treasure chest, beautifully designed and compact. This mug press measures only 6.3*8.3*8.5inch, and thus takes a small amount of space. Furthermore, this tumbler press weighs in at just around 5.7 pounds, denoting you can take it with you wherever you go, and as long as there's electrical power there, you'll be able to customize some mugs.

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