Gongyi 2 pcs| #4-2kg | Graphite Ingot Molds for Melting Casting Refining Metal Copper Gold Silver Aluminum Brass



-Specification: Includes 2 pieces of ingot moulds in the same sizes. Each piece for 2150g Gold / 1017g Silver; Inner 105 x 40 x 30 mm (4.26 fl oz).
Selected Material: Graphite ingot molds are made from high density fine grain graphite, 99.95% Graphite. Ash content less than 0.2%. Better for Refining than Silicon Carbide Graphite Crucibles. -Well-made: The smooth cavity finish of the graphite ingot mold makes the ingot very easy to remove without sticking to the mold itself. -Wide Application: The graphite ingot mold receives liquid metal of precious metals and other types of metals, such as gold, silver, metal, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and so on, and conserves them until they are solidified. -Extremely Durable: Great alkali resistance and corrosion, super acid and impact resistance.

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