Hapinest Grow And Paint Watering Can 2 Pack Flower Garden Craft Kit Gifts For Boys And Girls Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old And Up



-Set includes: 2 pots, 2 plastic liners, 2 paintbrushes, water bottle, shovel, expanding soil disk, paint palette, 4 quest packets, 4 planting markers, a paint set, and an instruction booklet Easy to follow.

-For boys and girls from 6 years old.
Creative: Let the imagination of each boy and girl run wild as they decorate and paint their planter, so that it looks exactly as they imagine it.

-Kids can be creative as they paint, make designs, write their names or draw scenes and make their planter exactly the way they want.

-Hands On: From start to finish, boys and girls will get their hands dirty as they paint, design, and plant their own flowers, including Zinnia, French marigolds, daisies, and wheatgrass. A creative project that allows young people to have fun while learning useful skills and discovering the amazing role flowers play in our gardens.

-Educational: It's not often that a project is both entertaining and educational, but this flower growing kit does both.

-When kids take it out of the box for the first time, it intrigues them and teaches them about botany and the lifespan of plants.

-All children will have fun while drawing, painting and planting as they wish.

-Make it a gift: Do you have a child who loves to paint, design and dig?

-The Hapinest Paint & Plant Kit is a great gift for your child as he gets his hands dirty and discovers the adventures of painting and then planting her flowers.

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