Harbinger Pro Speed Professional Quality Jump Rope | 10 Foot Adjustable



The Harbinger Pro Speed Professional Quality Jump Rope is a versatile, portable tool for building endurance and stamina as part of a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program or as a standalone cardio activity. The Pro Speed Rope is designed to take speed rope training to the next level of performance, with an exclusive twin bearing system that allows for 90-degree spin, enabling faster acceleration and rope spin speed and more consistent execution of double-unders. The coated steel cables are abrasion-resistant for reliable, long-lasting performance and will not get tangled during use. Steel bearings ensure consistent rotation speed, no matter the intensity of the workout. The cable length adjusts easily without tools to achieve the perfect length for men or women of nearly any height. The 5-inch handles have non-slip rubber grips to enhance control and comfort even during long training sessions. The Harbinger Pro Speed Jump Rope has an ergonomic design to reduce wrist and forearm fatigue and promote better form throughout the workout.

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