Harbinger Tricep-Bicep Weight Bar Grips for Weightlifting | 5-Inch | Pair



Harbinger Tricep-Bicep Bar Grips make an excellent gym accessory to better activate muscles and enhance performance during weightlifting workouts. The clamp-on ergonomic design promotes proper hand positioning for more effective hand and forearm strength training during weightlifting exercises. Proper hand position reduces stress on the hands and wrists, safely enabling the use of heavier weights or more repetitions than would be possible with bare bars, for a more effective workout. The unique shape allows the grips to stay securely in place during both pulling and pushing exercises, offering minimal padding while improving grip. The Harbinger Tricep-Bicep Bar Grips are compatible with both standard and Olympic bars, with a curved shape optimized for angled EZ curl bars and V-bar lat pull-down handles. The grips are lightweight and durable, easy to drop into a gym bag and bring anywhere, and easy to clean. Each set of Tricep-Bicep Bar Grips includes two 5-inch grips, sized to comfortably fit nearly any size hands.

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