Harbinger Womens FlexFit Contour Weightlifting Belt with Flexible Foam Core for Strength Training | 5-Inch

Style: X-Small (Fits 24 - 28 Inches)


Harbinger Women's FlexFit Contour Weightlifting Belts are ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape of a woman’s body. The light, 5-inch wide belt provides comfortable support to stabilize the core muscles for weight lifting and allow full range of motion during functional  strength training exercises. Wearing the belt during these activities can prevent injury and enhance performance. The rigid central panel provides additional stability to protect the back for safe lifting, while the flexible foam core and soft tricot lining offer comfort throughout even the most varied workouts. Adjustable, heavy-duty strap with heavy gauge steel tensioning buckle customizes the fit for optimum support and stabilization. Harbinger strength training belts are designed to be worn tight around the waist. The more secure the belt, the more support and stabilization it provides. Harbinger Women's FlexFit Contour Weightlifting Belts are available in three sizes, each designed to fit a range of waist measurements: X-Small fits 24-28 inches, Small fits 28-32 inches, and Medium fits 32-36 inches. Do not use pant size to determine the size of the weightlifting belt; measure around the waist between the hips and the ribs, starting and stopping at the belly button.

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