Healing Crystal Set | 17 Pieces | Real Crystals And Healing Stones | Crystal Box Of Chakra Stones



-A luxurious 17-piece set of healing stones and crystals:

Are you looking to balance your chakras, amplify your energy, and increase your spiritual enlightenment?

-In your set of conscious collective healing crystals, you will receive 7 tumbled chakra stones, 5 raw crystals, a journal, a divination pendulum, a sage stick, a selenite wand, a meditation candle, and a wooden storage box premium.

-Take advantage of the ancient wisdom of real crystals and healing stones: Energy crystals are believed to have their own vibrational frequency.

-By using our crystals in your spiritual practice or placing them in your home, you can match your own vibration to that of the crystals and cultivate peace, success or wealth in your life.

-Manifest more abundance, love and peace: are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

- Spiritual practices such as chakra balancing, Reiki, journaling, meditation, and intention setting are proven spiritual practices to improve all aspects of your life.

-Get your Conscious Collective Healing Crystal Set today and begin to bring greater peace and balance into your life.

-Receive Our Downloadable E-Guide: New To The Practice Of Crystals And Stone Healing?

-Our eGuide shows you step by step how to use your crystal collection.

-Metaphysical Gifts for Loved Ones: Looking for a meaningful, life-changing gift?

-This set of healing crystals is a thoughtful gift for beginners or highly awakened souls seeking to elevate their spiritual practices.

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