Induction Graphite Crucible Graphite Furnace Graphite Crucible Quartz Protection Sleeve Quartz



-High purity graphite: 99.9% high purity graphite and 1.8-1.82g / cm3 high density, the ash content is less than 0.1% to ensure that the noble metal in the smelt is not contaminated, our crucible is not easy to dopically in the smelting process, which can be used Melting high purity precious metal
-Magical thermal conductivity: This small graphite crucible has excellent thermal conductivity, which can highly shorten the melting time and save energy. Good thermal stability makes the graphite crucible can be quickly heated and cooled according to the conditions of use. Reliable quality: Using high quality processes, our graphite furnace can be used for the highest temperature of 1300 ° C. It is not easy to rupture during high temperature casting, long service life. Pour the open slot design make it easy to use. -Stability: Compared to clay graphite crucibles, our high-purity graphite crucible can still maintain stability when exposed to strong acid and base, and is not easily corroded and oxidized. Have a good resistance and good corrosion resistance to ensure the quality of the mass -Wide range of applications: Graphite crucible has a certain resistance to thermal shock strains, quenching, widely used in the field of metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical and other industrial fields, graphite crucible is widely used in colored metal smelting, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum and lead

Specification: Item Type: Graphite Crucible Material: Graphite, quartz Purpose: Smelting non-ferrous metals

Package List: 1 x Graphite Crucible 1 x Quartz Crucible

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