International Fabric Dye Pints (#AFDPT)

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International Fabric Dye Pints (#AFDPT) 

International Fabric Dyes may be the most flexible dyes on the planet in terms of color selectivity, and as such, they're not a product to be taken lightly. We're including the helpful hints section from their color book under the INSTRUCTIONS tab, in order to give you a better sense of what you're getting into. Clearly, this product is meant for professional dye houses, and while your results will be stellar if you're careful and follow the instructions exactly, there's not a lot of room for error with this product. You'll need a few things besides the dyes to get started here, though. We've added the necessities to the left of this page under International Slipper Dye Tools. You'll need Diluta, Wool Daubers, Eye Droppers and the Measuring Cylinder to go along with whatever various colors you choose. Before Dyeing Shoes: Examine the shoe for soil or glue spots. Dampen a cloth with International Dye & Chemical Fabric Shoe Cleaner to remove any soil from the shoe. International Dye & Chemical Glue Remover may be applied to remove any glue spots on the shoe. It is important that whatever you do to one shoe you must do to the other. Therefore if you clean one shoe, you must clean the other, whether or not it is soiled. Determine which color in the dye chart best matches your color swatch. Since each fabric dyes differently, always color test on a fabric swatch which best matches the shoe fabric and which came from the shoe manufacturer. Allow test swatch to dry. Adjust your formula in order to best match your desired color. Every fabric dyes differently so you must always test on a sample before dyeing the shoe.

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