Jestuous Carbide Burr Set 1/8 Shank Diameter Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs 20pcs




-Item: Carbide Burr Set

-Material: Tungsten Carbide.

-Shank: 1/8 inch diameter.

-Quantity: 20 pieces/set.


-Shank diameter: 3mm (about 1/8 inch)

-Cutter head diameter: 3mm (about 1/8 inch)

-Total Length: 38mm (about 1-1/2 inches)
Material: solid tungsten carbide

-Quantity: 20 pieces/set with plastic case (99x64x11 mm)

-Total weight: 95 grams with plastic case

-Request. Carbide burrs can process a variety of mold cavities with high precision, long service life, apply in cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals.

-Wide range of uses include body shops, fabrication shops, aviation industry, brake shops, industrial shops, die makers, metalworking, tool making, model engineering.

- Machined from new raw tungsten carbide, the unique tooth angle prevents chipping for the most durable design possible.

-Points. 1. Make sure you receive what you bought.

-two. Keep your eyes and belongings away from the work bits, better wear protective glasses.

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