JJ CARE Wood Carving Kit with 8 Wood Carving Tools and 10 Wood Blocks For Kids and Adults | Carbon Steel Tools



-JJ CARE prides itself on our dedication to bringing you comfort and pleasure with the products we offer.

-For this reason, each piece included in our carving kit has been thoroughly studied, designed and manufactured.

-We only use high quality materials and each merchandise is inspected and quality controlled before it is shipped.

-With this diligent process that took months of hard work, we are confident that you will only receive outstanding products every time.

-Whether you are just starting to learn the art of wood carving, a keen hobbyist or even a professional, we are sure you will enjoy our wonderful carving game!

- JJ CARE carving kit will save your time and money.

We've got you covered, from the wooden blocks to the tools and even the grinding stone!

Where else can you get such an exceptional combination? Only with JJ CARE!

JJ CARE Carving Set has 10 basswood blocks that are sure to meet your carving demands.

-Included in your kit are the two most popular sizes of wooden blocks: two larger blocks measuring 4x2x2 inches and eight smaller blocks measuring 4x1x1 inches.

-These blocks are smooth, creamy and knot-free; And they will provide you with the smoothest surface for your amazing creations!

-SK7 CARBON STEEL TOOLS. -Also included in your carving set are EIGHT pieces of durable carving tools that are made from the sharpest and strongest SK7 carbon steel.

-The handle is made of beech wood and is ergonomically designed, which ensures that you can comfortably carve even for hours.

These tools are perfect for beginners and professionals alike!

-ADDITIONAL GIFT. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase, as well as save time and money.

-We are confident that our hand carving tools are durable and will stay sharp longer than other brands; however, we also send you a grinding stone that you can use to sharpen your carving tools when the need arises.

-Complete wood carving set for kids and adults.

- Also perfect for carving soap. Wax carving, rubber carving and many other sculpture crafts.

-Your JJ CARE Wood Carving Kit comes with all of these items:

-8SK-7 carbon steel tools

-2 basswood blocks (4"x2"x2")

-8 basswood blocks (4"x1"x1")


WHY JJ CARE? Our company's goal and mission is to offer only the highest quality products that are worth every one of your purchases.

-Whether it's for your own use, a gift for a friend, or a practice kit for a Boy Scout or Cub Scout, we're sure you'll be pleased when you get the JJ CARE Wood Carving Kit.

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