JR.WHITE Permanent Fabric Markers For T-Shirts Baby Clothes Onesies Bibs White Pillow Canvas Bags Clothes



Fabric markers are a great way to create unique works of art on clothing, canvas bags, shoes, and more!

-Open the markers by twisting the pen cover and pull it out. To close tightly, push the lid in until you hear a click.

-The ink will bleed slightly depending on the type of fabric. For best results, keep the tip of the marker moving and avoid long stops while the tip is in contact with the fabric.

-To keep the color permanent, please wait more than 24 hours before washing.

-Wash in cold water with mild detergent and hang dry to keep colors looking like new.

-Place a pad under the layer you are decorating to prevent spillage.

-Store in a horizontal position and replace the lid firmly after each use.

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