Leather Working Kit | Leather Repair Kit, Leather Working Tools with Instructions, Quality Tool Box, Rotary Cutter, Waxed Thread



Value leather craft tools kit includes

5 pcs nail files 1 pcs thimble 1 pcs cutting mat 1 pcs sewing awl 1 pcs edge cutter 1 pcs swivel knife 7 pcs waxed thread

1 pcs measuring tape 2 pcs tracing wheel 1 pcs sewing scissors 4 pcs prong punch(1/2/4/6) 1 pcs copper awl(3 needles)

3 pcs wood slicker burnishers 20 pcs stamping punch tools 1 pcs rotary cutter set(5 blades) 1 pcs adjustable stitching groover

Reliable Leather Toolbox

We provide a strong, durable, and unbreakable leather toolbox. The leather box has a movable handle, which is convenient for you to carry. The tool box can be securely covered when you are not using it.
Sharp leather cutting tool

Perfect Leather Kit Choice

Leather craft stamping tools are suitable for beginners and proficient. It's a perfect choice for small wish to parents, family, friends, especially for DIY hand stitching lovers.

More Basic Practical Tools: Adding the leather working tools you need. Including good-quality cloth cutting knife and you will get 5 replacement blades. The rotary cutter has a safety lock design that can help you cut cloth, leather, paper, etc., meet all your leather work.

Needle Point Tracing Wheel: 2cm and 4cm leather paper cloth sewing overstitch wheel tool with a comfortable wooden handle for leather edges, comfortable to hold.

Practical leather tool combination

Leather Groover Tool: 7 in 1 pro adjustable stitching groover. Easy to use, the leather groover tool is light and durable, reasonable design, easy installation, and easy to hold. Exquisite with a comfortable handle, portable, will not feel tired after long time use.

7 Rolls of Waxed Thread: 32 yards per roll, (30 meters), coffee, black, light yellow, natural color, natural white, red, khaki, beautiful and practical colors, good quality, very comfortable to the touch, sturdy and durable, and long service life.

Wide Range of Application: Professional sewing tools for leathercraft, such as pocket punch, leather belt, wallet, handbag, etc. You can sew different leather, fabric, denim, canvas, tarpaulin, or other projects. Perfect for DIY beginners and professionals.

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