Maydear Full Range Of Embroidery Starter Kits Cross Stitch Kits



-Use fingertip art to decorate every little corner of life.

-It can be a really unique, meaningful and irreplaceable home decoration and gift for your family, friends and colleagues, and the cross stitch artwork will bring them a pleasant moment and a great sense of accomplishment when they finish the work.

-The color is clearly identifiable.
-New technology laser positioning. -The color code is clear at a glance. -Save time and energy.

-Embroidered fabric. Stable quality, square grid, good toughness, long storage time, soluble printing and dyeing.

-Cotton thread. The texture is hard, the cotton yarn is soft, the color is bright, it is not easy to break without hair, and the color is stable.

-Illustrating. The drawing characters are clear, easy to distinguish, full color printing, high quality coated paper.

- Blunt head embroidery needle. The blunt gold tail embroidery needle is not easy to hurt your hands, and the thread hole is easy to thread.

-Division of threads. An embroidery thread can be divided into 6 strands. For 11ct, use 3 strands for full stitch and 2 strands for back stitch.

-For 14K, use 2 strands for the full stitch and 1 strand for the back stitch.

-Do not use the threads on the fold, otherwise the embroidery threads will not be enough.

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