MDF Wood Slices | 10 Pieces | 5 x 11.8-Inch Circles and 5 x 9.05-Inch Squares | Smooth Unfinished Wooden Pieces



Smooth MDF Wood Squares and Circles for Painting and Crafting

With their smooth surface, these wooden cutouts can be used for your next acrylic paint art project. These multi-purpose unfinished craft tiles are also suitable for oil painting, acrylic pouring, encaustic art, mixed media, and watercolor painting.

What We Love About Our Circle and Square Wood Slices:

— Smooth and thick.
— Larger than other brands. — Unfinished and ready to be used for your next DIY or crafting project.

-Sturdy Round Wooden Discs and Squares: We cut these 10 wooden circles and squares out of a sturdy MDF board. Use our wooden shapes to create customized art projects or DIY gifts for friends and family. -Larger Size and Smoother Surface: We created each blank wood sign to be a large size — 11.8-inch circles and 9.05-inch squares — with smooth surfaces, unlike other brands. -Unfinished Wood for Your Next DIY Project: These wooden squares and circles are unfinished, making them suitable for creating signs and finishing DIY projects.

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