Metal Flag Panel Reflector Set with Gold | Silver | Black | Soft White Cover Cloth and Diffuser | Panel Light Reflctor




-Color:flag reflector with cloth kit

-Multi-Purpose -- Perfect for full-body portraits, large product shots for both indoor and outdoor use. Convenient to store and carry

-5 Colors -- White: Soft, neutral, clean illumination. Silver: Cold and bright effect, increase highlight. Gold: Warm, healthy illumination. Black: Blocks out stray light. Diffuser(Translucent): Softens direct light

-High Quality -- Made of premium fabric, no fading, soft reflection. Double-layered edge increase the durability. Metal construction to keep long time use

-Convenient & Flexible -- The metal flag frame with handle is durable and movable. Adjust the angle you need to get amazing effect

-Great Effect -- 5-in-1 reflectors are suitable for all light sources (daylight, tungsten, flash etc), providing soft reflected light

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