PACON Art Street | Light Construction Paper | 10 Assorted Colors | 9 x 12 Inches | 500 Sheets



-Perfect for beginners in arts and crafts.

-This assortment of 10 colors is ideal for young children.

- Colors include: white, sky blue, blue, pink, scarlet, orange, brown, yellow, green and black. Works great for cutting, pasting, doodling and folding. Recyclable.

-Tru-Ray is simply the best construction paper available.

-Teachers choose Tru-Ray Construction Paper for its durability and wide variety of bright, fade-resistant colors.

-It is made through a vat dyeing process, creating a richer color pigment that resists fading.

-Projects stay brighter and fresher longer.

-The art teacher prefers Tru-Ray.

-100% vat-dyed sulfite heavyweight paper is perfect for any arts and crafts project.

-Sturdy enough to score, crease and curl without cracking or tearing.

-Superior fade resistance for brighter, longer lasting projects.

-Acid free.
Looking for value and performance?

-SunWorks offers great quality and the best value in heavy school grade construction paper.

- Teachers trust SunWorks construction paper as the perfect solution for school projects and other arts and crafts because it has bright, consistent colors and a smooth texture that cuts and folds evenly without cracking.

-Heavy shredded wood construction paper Lightly textured sheets cut and fold evenly without cracking.

-Excellent value for all arts and crafts projects.

-Bright and consistent colors. Art Street lightweight construction paper allows young artists to create beautiful masterpieces with less waste.

-It's easy to cut or tear to create vibrant artwork, making it ideal for beginning artists and simple projects.

With bright, fun colors, this lightweight construction paper will help bring all of your imaginative projects to life!

Great value!

-Lightweight construction paper...perfect for little hands.

-A rainbow of colors for virtually any project.

-Perfect for cutting, pasting, doodling and drawing. Let your imagination run wild.

-Now we are Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

-Pacon and Dixon Ticonderoga have joined forces because we believe in helping every artist, student, and teacher reach their full potential.

-We do this because we believe that creativity can change the world.

-That's why we produce the world's best pencil, the finest art papers, premium art supplies, craft essentials and more... to give everyone the tools and confidence to put pencil to work. paper, make the first brushstroke or share your ideas.

-Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

-The catalyst of creativity.

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