Pearlescent Acrylic Paint | Set of 14 Colors | 2 oz Bottles



Pearl Colors That Change and Shift in Different Shades of Lighting The mica crystals in our fast-drying acrylic paint create beautiful pearl-like effects, causing shifts in the color when the lighting changes. Our all-purpose acrylic paint is great for canvas painting, decorating terracotta pots, and craft painting.

What We Love About Our Pearlescent Acrylic Paint: Fast-drying and easy to blend. Goes on smoothly, and it’s nontoxic.

-14 Vibrant Pearlescent Colors That Blend Easily: Our acrylic pearl paint has a high level of pigment content, which allows artists to blend their own color mixes. This matte acrylic paint is also quick-drying.
-Pearl Colors Shift in Various Levels of Light: The mica crystals in this artist set give the paint its pearl-like effect. Like pearls, our pearlescent acrylic paint tends to glow and change colors in different types of light. -Nontoxic Formula: All of our painting supplies, including our nontoxic water-based acrylic paint, are free of harmful chemicals. This set of acrylic paint bottles is safe and suitable for all artists.

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