Pedag Galant Leather half-insole #PEDGAL - One Pair

Size: Usa 5/6 Women (Eu35/36)


Pedag Galant Leather half-insole #PEDGAL - One Pair 

If you have been on your feet all day, nothing is more relaxing in the evening than a warm footbath or a foot massage - especially with splayfoot complaints. But you can also do something good for your feet during the day with the splayfoot pad pedag Galant and prevent or even alleviate discomfort.

The soft half-insole made of breathable, vegetable tanned leather cushions the entire forefoot, the pad supports and brings the metatarsal heads into the anatomically correct position. This relieves splayfoot complaints and can help to prevent the development of a splayfoot. Just put it in your shoe and enjoy relaxation. Self-adhesive thanks to adhesive dot.

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