Pedag T-Form Metartarsal Pad #PEDTFORM - One Pair

Size: MD


Pedag T-Form Metartarsal Pad #PEDTFORM - One Pair 

T-FORM: T shaped metatarsal pad. Needs of the metatarsal area are often neglected. However, once problems develop, the pain and disability they cause can be as severe as those in the mid-foot or heel. T Form is an orthopedic insert that allows the metatarsal bones to retain, or regain, their natural anatomical shape. Lifting the forefoot back into shape relieves pressure and the stinging, burning sensation that you may be experiencing. These symptoms indicate that the stress on your forefeet is leading to nerve damage and the collapse and spreading of the forefoot area. For athletes, such as bicyclists, dancers, runners, tennis player, and others who use their forefoot and toes, T-Form helps to prevent injuries, and long-term problems from developing. T-Form is made of vegetable tanned leather and hypoallergenic latex, with a self-adhesive backing. Those with active pain and inflammation may want to use Pedag Drop until the inflammation subsides. Drop is also a better choice for those without flexibility, and adequate fat pads, in their forefeet. Drop is substantially smaller, yet also helps to lift the metatarsal area and prevent forefoot area problems. For information on which metatarsal pad is right for you, and where to place the pads, please look at some guidelines in one of the pictures above.

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