Pedifix Bunion Day split [SM & LG Only ] (#PF6022A)

Size: SL


Pedifix Bunion Day split [SM & LG Only ] (#PF6022A)

Pedifix Bunion Regulator Fits Shoe Sizes: Womens upto 8, Mens Upto 7. MANUFACTURER: PEDIFIX INC. INDICATIONS: Pedifix Bunion Regulators control the position of the big toe. It relieves pain by alleviating strain that causes a crooked big toe and a bunion deformity. This anatomically-shaped splint urges the big toe towards its normal position while gently stretching tendons and muscles to help slow progression of the condition. DIRECTIONS: Separate Bunion Regulator's hook-and-loop band from itself and the remove free end. (Leave sewn loop on bottom splint arm, which goes under foot. ) Insert big toe between leather-covered cushion and other cushion at the concave part of splint. Be sure leather-covered cushion covers bunion joint. Lead hook-and-loop band around outside of foot and through slot on top splint arm. Adjust tension by pulling band so big toe moves slightly. Fold hook-and-loop band onto itself. Press together to secure. Limit initial usage periods to 30 minutes each. Gradually wear splint for longer durations and increase band tension

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