Pllieay 10 PCS Embroidery Beginner Kits for Kids 7-13, Include Instructions | Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern, Needlepoint Kits



Pllieay Embroidery Beginner Kits for Kids, Include 10pcs Embroidered Fabrics with Patterns, 5pcs Embroidery hoops, 15pcs Embroidery Threads, 10pcs Needles and Instructions, Complete Starter Kit Suitable for All Beginners

The pattern is made of special ink, it will disappear when meeting the water, do not touch water before finishing.

Embroidery hoop size: 3.5inch / 9cm Embroidery fabric size: 5.1inch / 13cm Suitable Crowd: Suitable for children aged 7-13

How to Use the Embroidery Hoop 1. Separate the inner and outer frame. 2. Place the outer frame on the flat table.(frame face down) 3. Cover the flat embroidered cloth on the outer frame. (Embroidered face down) 4. Lightly press the inner frame into the outer frame with embroidered cloth together. ( inner frame face down) 5. Flip the embroidered cloth to feel the tightness, it can be used for embroidery in tight state.

Package included: 5 x Embroidery hoops 10 x Embroidery fabric 15 x Embroidery Floss 10 x Embroidery needles 1 x Instruction

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