Pro Marine Manual Casting Kit (4 Liter Kit) | DIY Mold-Maker to Create Hand Sculptures



LIFELIKE HAND REPRODUCTION: The Pro Marine Hand Casting Kit lets you make detailed, realistic reproductions of your hand with minimal effort. Mold a lifelike copy in any gesture or position you like.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Your hand statue kit is safe and simple to prepare. It's designed to capture the tiniest details through direct contact with your skin so you can use your bare hand when casting.

EASY TO PAINT: You can display your finished casting with its classic white appearance, or you can paint it to really make every detail come to life. Red splashes make it a popular prop for Halloween!

ROMANTIC ORNAMENT: You and your partner can create a sculpture that immortalizes your affections. Create a sculpture of your two hands clasped together to signify your love. It’s a fun activity for couples.

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