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-14CT Stamped is a pre-printed fabric.

-14CT type, use 2-strand threads, 1-strand threads for back stitch.

-The pattern has been printed on the cloth (14CT Stamped), so before you finish sewing, the cloth cannot touch the water, otherwise the printed part will disappear.

-After finishing sewing, put the fabric in water for half an hour, then let it dry, and then you can make a frame for it.

-Package content:

-Embroidered cloth × 1.

-Embroider threads × 1.

-Embroidery needle × 2.
Blueprint ×1.

-Note: (no outer frame)

-Description :

-Canvas Size: 24"X17" (14CT)(no outside frame) -Color (embroidery cloth): White. -Material: Cotton.

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