Sewing Thread 24 Polyester Threads For Hand Sewing | Quilting and Sewing Machine | 1000 Yards Per Spool Kit



Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

-Whether you're quilting, making a new dress, or just mending an old pair of jeans, you're a creative sewing enthusiast who needs the right thread and colors to help you achieve your vision.

-That's where the BlesSew 'Classic' colored sewing thread spools come in to help.

-You'll get lost in sewing as your projects come to life with this high-quality, affordable thread.

-Quick points you should know.

-STRENGTH AND DURABILITY : You get 24 spools of 1,000 yards each in 100% Polyester Spun 40S/2 thread for hand sewing and home sewing machines

- In total 24,000 yards of thread at a very affordable price - Bobbin size: 6 cm (2.36 in) height; 1 cm (0.39 inches) in diameter.

-22 TASTY AND USEFUL COLORS : Avoid disappointment by buying colors you wouldn't use and enjoy the range of 22 colors offered by the 'Classic' set:
red, burgundy -Dark red) -Orange. - Pink . - Fuchsia. - Violet. - Green. -Turquoise. -Light Blue. -Sapphire blue. -Dark navy blue. -Gray. -Yellow. -Light green. -Khaki green. -Dark beige. -Maple (khaki brown) -Cream. -Old pink. -Brown . -Black. -White.

-DOUBLE BLACK AND WHITE: Black and white always seem to run out first, so we give it twice the length of black and white.

- SUPERB GIFT CHOICE - You get carefully packaged spools of thread in a set of two white storage boxes.

-BlesSew is the new brand of sewing aid threads.

-We are proud to have thousands of happy customers and are happy to help them.

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