Spenco (#SPBA) BlackPacker FootBeds #39-974 - One Pair

Size: 6


Spenco (#SPBA) BlackPacker FootBeds #39-974 

Spenco Outdoor Adventure Series Backpacker Hiking Footbeds are shoe inserts that are designed especially for hiking. Carrying heavy packs over tough terrain for several days at a time is hard on the feet. You need extra cushioning to absorb impact so your feet don't! You need extra support so your ankles and legs don't suffer.Spenco's Outdoor Adventure Series Backpacker Hiking Footbeds have OAS stabilizer-a raised area on the inside edge of the footbed-that helps to provide the arch support you need and works to stabilize your feet. Spenco's Cool-Dry technology features an ultra-wicking top cloth to move moisture away to keep your feet dry and cool. The Polysorb Shox system utilizes raised foam pads on the underside of the footbed to absorb shock and helps control and correct over-pronation that can occur with tired feet and legs.Spenco Outdoor Adventure Series Backpacker Hiking Footbeds. Better support, better comfort. Don't wish you had picked up a couple pairs of these footbeds when you are sitting around a campfire at the end of the day rubbing your poor feet, and trying to dry out your shoes along side a stick of roasting marshmallows

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