Tacco Arch Cookies #TA624 - One Pair

Size: Small


Tacco Arch Cookies #TA624 - One Pair 

The Tacco Arch Cushion is a peel and stick arch support cookie with an adhesive backing. The Tacco Arch Cushion is designed to fit into shoes that absolutely can’t accommodate any other type of arch support. The Tacco Arch Cushion arch support cookie has an adhesive backing to hold it in place and can be positioned in the arch area of a shoe, wherever it feels the most comfortable. The Tacco Arch Cushion is designed for Medium to High Arches. The Tacco Arch Cushion is made from a resilient 1 inch thick, Polyurethane foam wedge. It is covered with a genuine leather top cover and has a yellow wax paper coating on bottom that can be peeled away to revel the adhesive backing.

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