Tandy Leather | Eco-Flo Satin Shene 4.4 fl. oz #2611-01



Tandy Leather | Eco-Flo Satin Shene 4.4 fl. oz #2611-01

Eco-Flo Satin Shene is a water based, low V.O.C., durable, water repellent, acrylic non-glossy satin top finish for natural veg-tanned tooling leather.Directions for use: Shake well before each use. Leather should be clean and dry. Apply a light even coat of Satin Shene with a slightly damp sponge. Work in a circular motion, making sure finish gets into all cuts and impressions. Allow first coat to dry completely, and then apply a second light coat. After second coat has dried, surface may be buffed with a clean soft cloth or piece of sheep wool if a brighter shene is desired. Clean applicators immediately after use with soap and water.

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