White Air Dry Clay | Natural | Non-Toxic All-Purpose Compound | Self-Hardening, No Bake Clay for Sculpting, Modeling and More | 10lbs

Color: White


100% Natural Air Dry Clay

This no bake clay is ideal for sculpting, hand building, wheel throwing and more. Our 10 pound blocks of clay come in three standard colors - white, gray and terra cotta - so you can select the one that's perfect for your next project.

Art Clay for Sculpting, Wheel Throwing, Hand Building and More

Our versatile, self-hardening clay can be used for a wide variety of techniques, including:

Coil building Wheel throwing Slab rolling and cutting Modeling on flexible armatures Pinching

Keep in mind that the clay will shrink as it dries, so plan your project accordingly. Air drying your pieces slowly and evenly on all sides will give you the best results. This easy-to-use clay can be finished with paints, markers and mixed media when fully dry. Sealing is recommended to keep out moisture.

-AIR DRY CLAY MEANS NO BAKING - Save the kilns and ovens for another project: This white clay hardens when exposed to the air for an easy finish. -IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE TECHNIQUES - This natural clay can be used for coiling, pinching, sculpting, modeling on armatures, hand building, and pottery wheel work. -EASY TO WORK - Use your hands - and water, if needed - to soften clay and join different pieces; try a variety of clay tools and armatures to build your finished piece. -FUN TO PAINT AND FINISH - Paints, markers, and a variety of mixed media can be used to color your white clay piece when fully dry; sealing is recommended to keep out moisture. -100% NATURAL AND NON-TOXIC - This USA-Made clay is non-toxic and comes in 10-pound slab that offers plenty of clay for your next project.

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